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पॉलीथिन मुक्त शहर !

We are from AEAWA GROUP Raipur have chosen the topic Polythene free city. We want to make our eco-system free form polythene. So we have stated from our city. It is a simple and small step toward the sustainable development. Polythene is hazardous for the environment it is curse of the human and animal. Before doing this project our thinking was opposite to this because we could not think that a thing which we use daily or we easily can get through the vendor is so harmful for us. It can be helpful for us for carrying goods but It has been recorded that 95% of urban stray cattle in India suffering from various ailments due to hazardous material inside their abdomen, out of them 90% are plastic bags. After getting the knowledge about the good and the bad effects of polythene on the environment. We have started our project. Here I want to tell that we had to face many questions “Why should we not use the polythene?
when we meet the people they say many reasons to use polythene
People use the polythene bags due to following some reason according to our interview 1. As there were lack of strict laws as regards the dumping of polythene bags from the government. 2. People become habitual of using polythene. 3. The polythene bags are easy to carry and therefore most of the people in our City find them very convenient to carry and portable. 4. Most of the people in the country also find the polythene easy to dispose off after use. 5. Ignorance of the people, who dont care about the effects of proper waste disposal, and who may not know about the effects of improper waste disposal. In the end of our event we leave a message to each persons avoid use of polythene and make our environment good.
Mr Lukesh baghel (president), bheeshm sahu (Sectary) , kuch chandra(vice President) ,Ankit patel (treasurer), brijesh tripati (member), and gopla jha (under sectary) mark their presence in making this event successful.

Supported By: Nehru yuva kendra Raipur

Guests: Principal of School

Date: 12 Sepetember 2014

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