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There are many NGO and non-profit organizations that operate in our country. What sets AEAWA apart from the others is, we believe, the team that we have put together to carry out our activities. AEAWA group is run by young professionals who, despite their busy, career-oriented schedules, are taking out time to contribute to society. These professionals come from various walks of  life.

The fields that the core team members of AEAWA Group belong to range from Public relations to Information Technology, from choreography to journalism, and from education counseling to the college-going student populace. Most of the members and shareholders of the Foundation extend not only their time and support but also their knowledge and skills to the children they are working to help.

Another aspect that differentiates AEAWA Group from other NGO is that the core working and the decision-making of the organization lie in the hands of the youth. Todays youth is fearless and strongly inclined to the betterment and welfare of society. They are not bogged down by bureaucracy and are not corrupted by greed. All they are working towards is the welfare of their counterparts and peers, and their enthusiasm towards this task is unmistakable. AEAWA and its members aim at spreading the meaning of the term Welfare. While we are stuck in our mundane rat races, this movement started by AEAWA strives to make people realize that a little time and energy spent in the right direction can give a ray of hope to the entire society. It is, after all, one world, and we all have to do our bit to make it truly ours.

AEAWA aims at helping people feel good about themselves, by doing something truly liberating helping others help themselves.

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Ashirwad Education & Welfare Association


AEAWA is a social and cultural Non Governmental and non profit making organization working for more than last 2 year to improve the quality of society and life of children.

Ashirwad Education and Welfare Association is a not-for-profit organisation that works towards providing education , knowledge and good experiences to those who need it. By participating in activities ranging from holding teaching classes for the underprivileged to conducting talent and skill-related workshops for special and poor students, AEAWA aims towards bringing adding value to the lives of its beneficiaries.