Ashirwad Education
Welfare Association


Our History

We are start this for just helping children , womens,and many other people who not able to do some thing.

How we started

AEAWA a socio-cultural organization formed in January 2013 by the efforts of Mr. Lukesh kumar Baghel (founder of the society) in coordination with Mr. Bheeshm Sahu & Mr. Gopal Jha during their College hours long back n 2013, when they had direct interaction with their some colleague who were drug addicted. The above three friends then decided to make addicted peoples busy in some activity according to their interest. this was a good way to save such people from drug addiction. He started a production oriented workshop with these people and some other new comers .

After this they plan to make a socicety where they provide a plateform for all the people who actual want it,and make a NGO name is Ashirwad Education And Welfare Association.Alog a time they organise lots of event like dance competation,drawing, helping poors children etc

Upcoming Events

Flag Hosting Program at AEAWA Head Office
Program For TB
coming soon...

Our Supports

Ashirwad Education & Welfare Association managed by members who are full ....

Ashirwad Education & Welfare Association


AEAWA is a social and cultural Non Governmental and non profit making organization working for more than last 2 year to improve the quality of society and life of children.

Ashirwad Education and Welfare Association is a not-for-profit organisation that works towards providing education , knowledge and good experiences to those who need it. By participating in activities ranging from holding teaching classes for the underprivileged to conducting talent and skill-related workshops for special and poor students, AEAWA aims towards bringing adding value to the lives of its beneficiaries.