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Volunteer to Teach-:
AEAWA Foundation has been established with one major goal to help its beneficiaries cquire the gift of education. We have earmarked three slum areas in our locations where we have been conducting our teaching sessions for the last 2 years. We plan on adding more locations across chhattisgarh very soon. The beneficiaries comprise of children from these 3 slum areas in the age group of 5 to 14, and the syllabus covers a large spectrum of subjects which include, but are not restricted to, Maths, English, Science, History, Geography and even Arts and Crafts. The children come from different backgrounds and are equipped with varying degrees of privileges. Some of these children attend school, some of them have never set foot in a classroom, while some others have started school only to leave it mid-way. It is imperative that different teaching methods be adopted for these diverse groups of children. All volunteers willing to participate in our core activity of teaching would be given adequate instructions and a small training by Mr. brijesh Tripathi who is director of INDO classes and member of AEAWA Foundation. This training would be in the form of a workshop where in the volunteers will be coached about the means and ways to connect with our beneficiaries and the most appropriate methods to ignite and maintain their yearning for education, besides being given certain pointers on the technical aspects of the subjects that are to be taught. Teaching is the backbone of the AEAWA foundation, and we hope to bring together a large number of committed individuals gifted with the ability to impart knowledge who can help enrich the lives of the underprivileged with words, values and wisdom.
Brand Building:
It is all about the name. Help us gain recognition for the work we do by promoting AEAWA in every way possible. You responsibilities in this field would include planning, developing and implementing marketing strategies to further our reach all across the country. Formulating means to keep the name AEAWA at the forefront of all our PR activities. This would form a vital part of your work, as would driving home our motto within the organization by motivating the volunteers to build the AEAWA brand both internally and externally. Experience in marketing and brand-promotion would be handy in this department, but we heartily welcome freshers too! For more details about the Brand Building department, contact :Ankit Patel
Public Relations
Developing healthy relations with the length and breadth of society is essential for any organization to function adequately, and thats what you can help achieve by joining our Public Relations (PR) department. You can participate in the entire gamut of PR work here right from devising and fine tuning strategies to ultimately implementing them at the ground level. There will be press conferences, exhibitions, open days and press tours to organize, as well as individuals (including media persons and public figures) to liaise with, all with the intention of creating and maintaining the long-term marketability of Ehsaas. Streamlining our methods of corporate communication in order to make good use of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) segment in companies will also be an important part of your job description. Your primary objective here would be to establish and maintain Ehsaas relationship with certain focus groups, and it goes without saying that your proficiency and/or experience in interacting with people would be a great asset in this department. For more details about the Public Relations department, contact Bheeshm Sahu.
Web and Technical Assistance:
Our website is our window to the world. You can help us put our best foot forward in the technical department by becoming a part of our Web team. You can assist with the routine activities we undertake for development and maintenance of our website, and also give us ideas and suggestions to improve on the content already released by us. Working here would be a good platform for you to not only put your technical skills to use but also to give free rein to your creativity by attempting to make our website as uniquely attractive as possible. Moreover, you will also be in a position to assist our Brand Building and PR departments by helping them market the Ehsaas brand and values through social media avenues like blogs, facebook and twitter. For more details about the Web/Technical assistance department, contact Ankit patel.
Dance and Music Workshops:
At AEAWA we seek to promote not just scholastic growth but also cultural and creative development. In these workshops we will look to impart training in various art forms based on music with a particular focus on Indian cultural styles. The activity structure of this department is flexible; the training sessions could either be conducted at the beneficiary locations or they could be organized in certain earmarked premises such as volunteer homes or leased halls. The areas of training could include musical instruments like guitar, piano, violin and dance forms like Bharatnatyam, Kathak, or even modern pop. This department is clearly best-suited to the creatively-inclined, and all volunteers with an ear for music and a bent for dance are sincerely invited to help Ehsaas beneficiaries imbibe some of those gifts. For more details about the Dance and Music department, contact Durga Sahu.
Sports-related Workshops:
All work and no play may not necessarily make Johnny a dull boy, but why take the chance? In our bid to try and develop every facet of our beneficiaries personalities, we will be conducting sports workshops that would help these youngsters to try their hand, and hopefully excel, at various sports. AEAWA foundation conducting training workshops for diverse games like cricket, football, tennis, badminton, volleyball and any other outdoor activity you can think of. To be a part of this team, it is important to have a certain basic knowledge of the skills required for the designated games, but what is more important is your enthusiasm and passion to help our beneficiaries take their first steps to becoming active, healthy and athletically-proficient individuals. The schedules and locations of these training sessions will be worked out keeping in mind the volunteers convenience and preferences; a detailed program for these workshops will be mutually decided amongst the team members to keep the activities flowing consistently. For more details about the Sports department, contact Pradeep Rana.

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AEAWA is a social and cultural Non Governmental and non profit making organization working for more than last 2 year to improve the quality of society and life of children.

Ashirwad Education and Welfare Association is a not-for-profit organisation that works towards providing education , knowledge and good experiences to those who need it. By participating in activities ranging from holding teaching classes for the underprivileged to conducting talent and skill-related workshops for special and poor students, AEAWA aims towards bringing adding value to the lives of its beneficiaries.